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Junk’n Around …

Junks have come a long way since medieval times. A modern junk in Hong Kong can be quite an indulgent experience.

Every now and then we get the chance to go out on a junk (think pleasure boat rather than one with sails) and EVERY time it is a day filled with laughter and enjoyment, not to mention strengthening of friendships (for spending a day on a junk is something not to be done without friends along for the ride).


Titus considers a day out on a junk a time for eating, drinking and resting as the world simply ripples past. The sprogs discovered a junk is an opportunity to swim, laugh, have fun, play, splash and relax.


And as for me, I find it a double edged experience. Having been brought up on boats I LOVE the rocking of the boat as it anchors in a bay. I adore the predominant silence of the sea and the escape from the fast paced society we are normally immersed in. I enjoy drinking and eating with friends indulging in the beauty of Hong Kong from the water, but I also become paranoid mum extreme and worry where my kids are and what they’re doing. Images of my kids glugging away drowning while I’m being irresponsible not watching them roll through my mind … so I spend almost all of my time keeping a close eye on them. Too close? Yeah – probably.

You almost loose a child once and it changes you – at least that is my experience. I know I need to loosen the reigns, and as time goes on and we go out on junks more I am trying to do so, but water can be an unpredictable variable and that nigglingly plays at the back of my mind.

Despite my fears I always, ALWAYS, have a great time. Being out on a junk is most definitely a “Life is good” moment. At the end of the day when we get off the junk we are pleasantly numbed and relaxed and ready to sleep knowing the next day we can hit the ground running again. You could call it a re-energiser and perhaps that’s why expats are so fond of these day and weekend breaks out on a boat.


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