buttercream / Cake Decorating

Katzuma Cake – Take 2

So I finally found the pictures from the second Katzuma cake I made. You can read about the first cake here.

As I had already made the cake once, this one was much easier to produce.

On a canvas of green buttercream I traced Katzuma using piping gel. I started icing in the centre of his head drawing the outline of the nose and diamond first using a Wilton #3 tip. Then I added the eyes using #1 and #2 tips. For the eyes I drew the outline and pupils in black first, then the white and finally the blue. I also filled the nose and mouth before continuing with the red outline of the head and body.

I altered the design slightly with the number 8 created with red buttercream icing stars, but this is practically the same cake I made for Bethany.

Orange and red were piped using star tip 16 to complete the picture of Katzuma. The cake was bordered with a shell border.

Once again a simple fun cake that birthday girl and her friends alike loved.





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