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Running past the window …

How many people in Hong Kong get this kind of view of a marathon from their lounge window?

It was better than watching on TV seeing all the colour, anguish, success and personality run by the window. I already know how lucky I am to have a view of the harbour but it certainly makes things interesting when you look out and see people on the freeway instead of vehicles.

The individual who most impressed me was a lady who ran by while juggling. She wasn’t fast, but she was consistent and persistent. I wonder if she successfully juggled the whole way.

I have to admire people who run these marathons not to win but simply to complete them.

I was quite amused by the double decker buses trailing the runners gradually filling up with people who couldn’t complete the marathon. It is nice to know the organisers plan well to care for those who get out there and give it a go!

And before anyone asks why I wasn’t out there; I am hardly able to walk at the moment thanks to being taken out from behind while on the ski slopes last week (and pulling ligaments under the kneecap). However, I don’t run. I walk. But you never know what I might end up doing once I’ve recovered and get back into my routine.


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