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Hong Kong Disneyland Chinese New Year 2013

Gung Hey Fat Choi! It’s that time of year when Hong Kong goes all out celebrating with family and friends and as always we made our trip out to Disneyland to see what celebrations they had on.

The top of Main Street was decorated with a giant decorative Mickey.

The rest of the street was decorated with very similar (can I risk saying the same?) decorations to last year. Recycled or not the cherry blossoms brought out the festiveness of the season.

Unfortunately, unlike previous years there weren’t any other displays elsewhere in the park other than festive plants and flowers in the garden beds. This surprised me given the importance and uniqueness of this time of year in Hong Kong. Perhaps now that Disneyland Hong Kong is making a small profit they can reinvest some of that into improving these events again if they aren’t going to commit to expanding the original park further.


The kids were impressed by how lifelike the goodies Minnie was offering up were and had great fun pretending to take and eat them.


Out at the entrance, Cumquats were decorating the park and reminded Bethany of the tree in our back yard a continent away in Australia. Cumquat bushes are very popular at this time of year along with other citrus such as Mandarins because the chinese word for these fruits sounds like ‘lucky’ or ‘fortune’.

Gung Hey Fat Choi – May the year of the snake be lucky for you!


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