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Woollen Christmas

So I’m going to take you back to Christmas for a sec to show you yet another quirky shopping mall display. This one was on display at IFC mall in Central.

I shouldn’t be surprised, really I shouldn’t, but when I saw the giant reindeer and the Christmas trees made of wool I have to admit I raised an eyebrow. After the initial shock, reindeer aside, the concept of using wool to make the Christmas trees and woodland creatures was quaint. The giant reindeers though … I’m still not convinced by them.

Hidden amongst the woollen trees were woodland bunnies scattered on the carpet of snow.


In a different part of the mall further woodland creatures were found. This time they were frolicking on a woollen chair sinking into the shopping mall floor. Quirky – yep. Christmassy – I’m not so sure. The kids were amused by the display but it didn’t radiate the “magic” of Christmas.

As you might have noticed, Santa’s grotto isn’t very common in the shopping malls here. It is all about art and design. In fact I only know of two malls on Hong Kong Island that have Santa, and both charge just to visit him. (Pacific Place and Landmark for those of you interested)

Never- the-less it is always interesting to see what strange and interesting displays will pop up every Christmas in Hong Kong malls.


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