Culture / Hong Kong

Through the morning mist …

We see a fair few cruise ships glide past our lounge window on a daily basis,but this particular ship made us stop and take notice. It cut silently through the morning mist (believe it or not that is mist and not pollution) obscuring the other side of Victoria Harbour with its sheer size as it glided towards the cruise terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui.

This is the Queen Victoria – one of the Cunard cruise liners. I didn’t know they have a Victoria – I’ve only ever heard and seen the Queen Mary and QEII.

I have to say it was impressive. It made the Superstar cruise ship trailing 10 minutes behind it look so small in comparison it made me wonder how much larger could or would they want to go with cruise liners in the future.

Hong Kong seems to be a popular cruise destination and I can understand why. Its harbour is fascinating on so many levels and Hong Kong is central to a number of South East Asian countries. A large ship cruising into an equally large city – I envy those passengers the sight they would have been looking upon as the skyline of central Hong Kong emerged from the mist in front of them.



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