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The grass is greener at the KCC

Grass is a rare privilege not too many kids in Hong Kong get to enjoy, including mine (unless we are in New Zealand or Australia (and neither are in drought)).

The majority of schools here are concrete multi storied buildings maximising the small amount of land they have for as much practical use as possible. Very few have fields of their own so they have to find creative ways to offer the children exposure to sports.

I’m fortunate that Bethany’s school  has been able to do that by organising regular cricket training at Kowloon Cricket Club (KCC) for all of her year. Hubby, being an obsessed Aussie cricket supporter and part-time wannabe  off-spinner was delighted when he found out she would be learning cricket. It is a great team sport, good for coordination and an excellent way to improve basic ball handling and ‘eye on the ball’ skills.

Bethany took to it, as did much of her class, with lots of enthusiasm. After several weeks of training with international cricket coaches (including past international players from Australia and India), we parents finally got to see what our kids had been up to at KCC.

Boy was I impressed. I could see why the kids enjoyed the cricket so much. The venue was great and the coaching was very positive. The kids encouraged each other while at the same time wanting to outdo each other. Bethany was batting and catching and running and chasing with a smile on her face, a smile reflected on all the classmates around her. They were all having genuine old fashion fun. As strange as that sounds in this day and age there is so much pressure on kids to perform academically it was refreshing to see a year of kids just having a good time playing sport.

Bethany has now discovered she enjoys not only playing but watching cricket too – much to daddy’s delight. Maybe he will get his wish of one of his kids wanting to play cricket after all…



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