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Charity Adventures

I haven’t talked much about some of the activities I’ve been doing in Hong Kong.

I’m more than just a mum and one branch of my life is that of involvement in charity. For the last two years I have been actively involved in a group of ladies who try to help those less fortunate – primarily here in Hong Kong, but we also try to offer aid to other countries around Asia if we can.

It can be a very satisfying and rewarding “job” to see the smiles on a child’s face – simply because they know someone actually cares about them.

The outside world sees Hong Kong as a city of wealth and bankers. While this is true and there is a lot of insane wealth in this city, there is also a considerable amount of poverty. People living in cages, elderly having to work when they should be in retirement just to make enough for a meal, children suffer because their families can’t take care of them when you have 8 or more people living in a 1 bedroom apartment… the need is great.

The charity I work with tries to help in some small way. I say small because let’s face it – there is never enough to help regardless of the country you are dealing with. All cities have those in genuine need and it seems the larger the city the more they are forgotten.

It has opened my eyes – as expats we can often live in a rose coloured world where our lives focus on ourselves in such an extreme we give no thought to those we share the city with. I help because I want to give something to a city that I love and am proud to live in. A follow on from this has been my children have wanted to become involved too. Bethany has a charity box in her room. She cleans out toys and books that she no longer wants or needs periodically. She religiously hordes new toys and goodies eagerly awaiting the chance to make her Boxes of Hope. She would dearly love to come along to visits to play and chat with some of the underprivileged kids (but she’s a bit too young for that).

Would she or I have had this experience, this compassion or attitude in Australia? Probably not. I am glad we have got to see first hand the reality of situations and discovered ways we can reach out and help. If we move back to Australia one day I know that we will continue to find a way to help the underprivileged there in some way too. It has been life changing and for that I am grateful.

Live in Hong Kong and want to help too? Here’s an upcoming event you could come along to…

Ladies Circle Hong Kong Charity Qui


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