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Dancing Duckbills!

Oh how I wish I could show you the video of Bethany’s latest performance.

WARNING: Proud parent rant about to begin …

She and her year 4 class created a school production based on dinosaurs. A group of girls in the class, including Bethany, came up with dance choreography on their own and they (along with all the other kids in the class) did an AWESOME job. The whole class gave an amazing performance when we as parents got to go along and see one of their shows – you could tell each and every child was committed to performing to the best of their abilities and enjoying themselves.

Bethany once again surprised us by completely getting into the character of her blue duckbill dinosaur. Then she rocked it out dancing and singing to “Glad You Came” by “The Wanted” not once, but twice (as it was reprised at the end of the show by the whole class).

Unfortunately as her whole class is in it I can’t post video so you’ll have to take my word that these 8 year old kids were jaw-droppingly AWESOME.

The dances were so good that the school got some of Bethany’s class to teach the whole school so they could have a flashmob in the playground. How cool is that?

/End Proud Parent Rant


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