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Lei Garden – North Point – Yum Cha

To experience Hong Kong fully, one must go Yum Cha (otherwise known as dim sum). It is a Cantonese tradition that brings together friends and family often on a weekly basis for a leisurely lunch. Yum Cha restaurants are everywhere in Hong Kong and this isn’t the first nor shall it be the last time you’ll see me review one here.

Lei Garden is a chain of Cantonese restaurants with locations all over Hong Kong and Macau. Most of the restaurants in this chain have a Michelin Star in the Hong Kong Michelin Guide (2009 to 2012 inclusive) including the one in North Point.

Lei Garden (North Point)
Block 9, City Garden, North Point
Ph: 2806 0008

Having a Michelin star does not automatically equate to good food in my experience, although it is rare a Michelin restaurant doesn’t live up to the guide recommendation. The North Point Lei Garden deserves its rating with nicely made, delicious tasting food both at lunch (yum cha) and dinner.

They have a god range of dumplings and dishes to choose from. You order by ticking off your choices on a sheet of paper – the norm in Hong Kong restaurants these days. The service here is good, the wait staff attentive and the restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere, although the partitioning of the restaurant itself can be a little confusing. It is almost always busy (so booking is highly recommended) and this adds to the ambience as you eat amongst the hum of diners conversations and the clinking of crockery.

The ha gau (prawn dumplings) are full of prawns, the wrapper not too thick and the flavours balanced nicely. The salt and pepper squid has a thick batter but again the flavours balance nicely so the dish isn’t too salty or overpowered with an MSG taste or excess oiliness.

One of the stand out dishes for me is steamed won tons in a light fish broth. The meat won tons are delicious. Combined with the fish broth the dumplings are even more enjoyable as the flavour of the soup enhances the dish. Some people also like to add a little bit of chilli paste as well but at this restaurant it isn’t necessary.

The pork chow mein has a richer sauce which oozes through the crunchy noodles softening and drowning them in the flavours of the sauce. I rate the Kings Cuisine chow mein better, but that’s because their dish is crunchier (and I know many people prefer their chow mein as it is served here with the noodles softened by the sauce). As with all food, taste come down to personal preference.

Bethany loves the daan tart (Egg custard tart) here. They are made with a puff pastry and an eggy baked custard filling. A sweet ending to any lunchtime meal.

For a Michelin restaurant the pricing is mid-ranged. We average around $150 per adult and have always come away satisfied.

Recently I also tried this restaurant for dinner and again it did not disappoint. Whilst I will review that in another post another time, I do recommend the Peking duck. It is delicious!

As you can tell – we’ll be going back again. 😉


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