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Skiing success… and pain

Last year in Tahoe we had a real challenge – Mitchell just wasn’t interested in skiing. Maybe he wasn’t mature enough, maybe we expected him to be too much like his sister … or maybe he just hates skiing. There were all things we considered but we wanted to give him another opportunity. This year we were prepared for more of the same, but had a few strategies we hoped might encourage him to explore the slopes. We took the costly step of enrolling him in private ski lessons and held our breath.

As the lessons rolled on Mitchell laughed, and played and started to ski down the bunny slopes. It was a complete reversal from last year. Every day he came off the slope elated and couldn’t wait to go back and ski the next day. Everything had just clicked into place for him and he wanted to learn to ski down the hill … a little too fast for my liking, but skiing he was.


That’s my little buddy riding the chairlift with daddy … 2 days after first stepping onto the Korean slopes.


And here he is skiing down the slopes unaided! The language difference was no barrier to Mitchell learning how to ski. Such a change from last year this trip has left him with such a good experience he keeps asking when we are going back to Korea because he wants to ski again SOON.


Bethany was also carving up the slopes as always. She and I had private lessons further up the mountain. Our instructor on the second day was awesome … only later in the day did he reveal he actually trains the junior international Korean ski squad. He had me confidently paralleling down the mountain before my skiing was cut short by an injury that will have me off the slopes for a while.

I got taken out from behind and thought I had just twisted my knee. Within seconds of it happening I had 3 ski patrol surrounding me (ski patrol presence at this resort is awesome and very visible), but they concluded the same as me – nothing too serious. I waited a while to try and get the pain to ease before I skied down the mountain. By the time I got to the bottom I knew there was no way I would be skiing the rest of the trip. Unfortunately the medical facility on the resort couldn’t speak any english and aside from using some magic spray (which made the injury even more painful) all they would say to me was “contusion”.

After an MRI back in Hong Kong they have discovered I snapped my ACL – the ligament that holds things together under the knee. So looks like surgery for me and I won’t be skiing next year … 😦

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