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Snowside Dining

While staying at Welli Hill Park we HAD to try the food. Our first night we chose the Korean restaurant located in the lobby. Most people were ordering a Korean form of Shabu Shabu, and we decided to do the same.

The metal cooking pot is placed on a portable gas burner. Unlike Chinese culture, the middle is raised and acts as a hotplate with the juices oozing into the soup. Fresh raw beef sizzled and cooked on the middle “plate” while veges cooked in a soup around the side. The end result culminated in very tasty beef and a lovely tasting broth. We peeled the beef off and dipped it into the broth before eating it.

The kids were fascinated by the cooking and loved the food as much as we did. It was fresh and satisfying after a long day. We eventually scraped everything from the hotplate into the soup … not sure if that is the ‘done thing’ but we found it delicious.

We also ordered a Korea BBQ chicken dish. It was complemented by a bowl of rice and a variety of side dishes, including kimchi. The chicken was tender and slightly spicy with just enough sauce to coat the top of the rice and imbue a bit of the flavour into it. It wasn’t as satisfying as the beef, but was still an enjoyable dish, especially when intermingled with the side dishes to tease the tastebuds with spicy, chilli and cooling flavours.

The Korean restaurant within the resort had got a big tick from us.

Unfortunately there was no “town” easily accessible from the resort and no transport to get to the nearest town so the next night we decided to try the “Western” restaurant next door to the Korean we had eaten the first night.

Our last experience with “Western” food at High 1 a few years back was shockingly terrible, so my expectations were low… and this restaurant proved again that Western food (outside Seoul at least) is poorly executed even in resorts. I won’t bother to comment more except to say – if you stay at the Welli Hilli Resort, do not bother eating at the western restaurant in the lobby.

Ski-side offered a good selection of food at the base of the mountain. The bottom floor of the resort had a selection of fast food and a food court, including Starbucks. Chicken and Beer (yes – that was the name of the shop/small restaurant), american hot dogs (sausage in a bun), udon, doughnuts, stir-fry, and other traditional Korean food were available and reasonably priced (with the exception of Starbucks). The chicken was ok, the traditional Korean food was nice, the doughnuts were disgusting (because they were stale) but the stand out shop was the udon.


The bowl of noodles and broth was loaded with goodies and fishcake on a skewer. It had a bitter vege, which when soaked in the broth was unusual yet addictively enjoyable. The dish was very tasty. Even the kids loved it so much they would devour a bowl of their own each! Where they wanted hot dogs the first day, after tasting the udon they ALWAYS asked for it on our subsequent days. It was the perfect meal to warm everyone up over lunch before heading back out to hit the slopes.

So food at Welli Hilli Park … well it isn’t 5 star, but (western restaurant aside) it was heartily satisfying and despite not being able to go to a township and eat we enjoyed the food available. I’m guessing the food court may not operate in summer months, which would limit choices considerably but for ski resort eating it was just fine.



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