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Eating the day away …

With only a short time left in Seoul before we had to head to the plane we had a bucket list of Korean foods we really wanted to try – Beef Soup, Sindabu and Ginseng Chicken.

Breakfast started with a Korean Beef soup.

The restaurant was packed with locals (always a good sign). Soup was being dispensed at lightning speed to everyone. This particular soup had thin strips of beef, a light broth and rice in the soup. Kimchi and spring onions were offered in abundance.

When I say there was rice in the soup, this is literally what the soup is – rice with soup and meat poured on top of it. The rice isn’t boiled into a paste or soup of its own like congee would be but it does soak up the flavour of the broth. I love spring onion so I smothered my soup with it. It was a very filling and heart warming meal. I suspect those who tend to eat only western style cuisine would find this soup bland, but I quite enjoyed it. The spring onion added a bit of bite to the soup and complemented the meal perfectly. Contrasted with the chilli taste of the kimchi it was completely satisfying and a very cheap start to the day.

It was inevitable in the middle of a touristy shopping area in Seoul we were likely to come across a few places simply set up to draw in the tourist and that happened to us when we tried to find somewhere for a sindabu. Sindabu is a spicy chilli tofu seafood soup. When made well it is divine. The place we went … not even close. I won’t bother with a photo … but lets just say that one got a fail.

Waiting for our airport shuttle we were a little disappointed we hadn’t tried Ginseng chicken but noticed a restaurant right next to our hotel. Dubious but really wanting to experience it, we rushed in and ordered a bowl of Ginseng chicken, hoping we would have time to try it before the shuttle arrived.

The ginseng chicken came out with the broth it had cooked in boiling. It looked and smelt amazing. I was skeptical – this restaurant was in the heart of the tourist area next to our hotel, we’d been disappointed by the sindabu earlier in the day and i’ve never been a huge fan of ginseng tea.

The meat of the chicken literally fell away from the bone as we took a piece and bit into it. I wish there was a photo of the shocked delight on my face as I had my first taste. The chicken was delicious! The broth was beautiful. Together they were utterly enjoyable. We were all smiles as we quietly munched on the chicken.

Entirely satisfied I felt like I had to be rolled into our shuttle bus after all that eating. Despite the disappointment of the sindabu the food in Seoul had been an absolute delight!


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