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Eating In …

I spend a lot of time sharing our restaurant experiences in Hong Kong, but believe it or not, we do eat in most of the time. So – what do we eat when we eat in?

Hong Kong poses some interesting challenges when it comes to cooking the nightly meal. Unlike in Australia you can’t just buy for the week and be done with it. The produce simply doesn’t stay fresh enough – even in a fridge. So a daily wander to the markets and grocery store is generally a norm of the day.

I love the wet markets and will probably do a whole post on them another time. The beauty of wet markets: you can choose the freshest produce and meat, take it home and cook it up and KNOW it was fresh (and in some cases still alive) when you brought it.

Stir fried pork in a sweet corn sauce (top left), stir-fried garlic choy sum (top right), prawns steamed in ginger and shallot (bottom left) and black bean stir fried clams (bottom right). This is served with steamed rice.

The prawns and clams were alive when we brought them so we knew they weren’t frozen, rotten or old.

This is one of a huge range of our normal meals. We mix between Chinese and Western cooking. A Chinese meal like this tends to be a lot cheaper to cook, despite two of the dishes containing seafood. When we cook Chinese we tend to have 2 dishes – one meat, one vege, most often accompanied by a soup, all served in the middle of the table as you would in a Chinese restaurant. When we cook Western we tend to have just one dish, served up individually, once again as you would expect in a Western restaurant.

Normally we wouldn’t have the sweet corn pork with the seafood as it is a meal in its own right but this particular night Mitchell won the right to have his favourite dish as part of the dinner plan and so it ended up in the mix.

The prawns, clams and veges come from the wet markets. All up this dinner, for 5 people, cost under HK$200 to make. I certainly couldn’t make it for that price in Australia.


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