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Hong Kong in Bloom

Flowers and I don’t get on. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate them or find them beautiful. It’s just that when I am near them I tend to sneeze, get watery eyes, itchy eyes and nose and the overall effect makes me feel miserable. Allergies suck.

So up until this year I had never been brave enough to venture to the Hong Kong Flower Show. Held annually in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay, I had always driven past in awe of some of the large floral displays. Hampered by the fear of my allergic symptoms that was as close as I had gotten.

This year I made the decision that after almost 5 years in Hong Kong it was time to brave the allergy and get a close up look. Dosed up on anti-histomine I ventured with a friend over to Victoria Park, paid my entry fee of a whole HK$14 (That’s less than AU$2) and walked into an explosion of floral colour.

A vast sea of Tulips dominated the entry closest to Causeway Bay. I LOVE tulips, so they drew my attention straight away.

The show had displays representing all styles and types of flowers, from Japanese to British gardens, modern abstract displays to traditional roses. There was something to catch everyone’s tastes and entice discussion.

Macau had a display with two giant pandas on display. The mind boggles as to how many flowers went into the construction of each panda.

The flowers gave me my first real opportunity to “exercise my camera” in terms of zoom and detail. Graduating from a point and click I was pretty chuffed with the results. There were daffodils, orchids,bluebells, sunflowers and hundreds of other flowers in between … I probably took too many photos (you can see them all here).

I think my favourite display was not one of the huge floral artworks but a bunch of shrubs.

I loved the seeming simplicity of this “girl” enjoying herself by a pond. It was clever and quirky.

As for my allergies? They didn’t appear. Perhaps it was the open air or the medicine. I don’t care which, but I enjoyed the entire duration of my visit with not one single symptom rearing its ugly head!

I didn’t take my kids (they were at school as I wanted to go on a less-crowded week day), but I am pretty sure they would have enjoyed some of the displays as well. There was a floral circus as well as some giant floral insects along with some large mushroom houses.

If you’re in town when the flower show is on definitely consider taking a wander down. It was worth the entry fee – a great show for those who like beauty, flowers or simply exercising their cameras.

One thought on “Hong Kong in Bloom

  1. These pictures are beautiful! Absolutely adoring that one of the Macau Panda. But I am a child at heart!

    Spectacular post 🙂

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