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History Repeats …

When I moved to Sydney many moons ago, a rather common sight on the harbour was the HMAV Bounty – a replica of the ship commanded by Bligh and taken in mutiny by Fletcher Christian in 1789 built for the movie The Bounty. Back in Oz, the tall ship was used for lunch and dinner cruises taking in the spectacular sights of what I consider possibly the most beautiful harbour in the world – Sydney harbour. I used to love sitting and watching it sail down the harbour under full sail from The Rocks. A sight to behold indeed.

Fast forward a decade or two to present day and what do we spy sailing the majesty of yet another stunning harbour on which I now live?


This is indeed the exact same Bounty I used to watch in Sydney, now calling Hong Kong home.

Similar to Sydney, it also does cruises around Hong Kong harbour and looks as majestic as always under full sail (not on this day).

I feel so lucky to be able to look out my window and spot a little piece of my own history sailing by every now and then. A reminder of both the harbour it calls home now and the one both she and I have left behind.


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