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Hong Kong Disneyland: Monster University

The prequel to Monsters Inc, Monsters University is due to hit cinemas in Hong Kong next week. As part of their summer promotion Hong Kong Disneyland has turned part of Main Street into a section of the Monsters University Campus. This is the Monster University Administration Building.

Monsters University, Hong Kong Disneyland 2013
You queue up and walk through a display promoting the movie with statues of the characters before having your photo taken so that later on you can obtain your own Monster University hard plastic ID card (at an additional cost of course – $HK40 per card, annual passholders may receive a discount) from the Photograph shop on the corner nearby.
Mitchell's Monster University Student IDMonster University Student ID - Hong Kong Disneyland

There were a choice of three different cards to have your photo inserted on and the cards were printed instantaneously while we waited. The kids were incredibly excited to see their photo and to get their finished official student cards. Meanwhile I was slowly shuddering at the thought of my kids having a University ID … thank goodness the real thing is several years off yet!

The display wasn’t jaw-dropping and definitely a once-off-don’t-bother-to-go-back experience. It obtained a spend out of us, so even as a one off it certainly achieved its purpose.

Outside the Monster University Administration Building we were also able to line up to meet the “real” characters. Despite the summer heat the queues were long and Mike and Sully had to take 10 minute turns having their photos taken. (In the Summer Disney characters have a far more frequent break regime due to the insane heat). We patiently waited our turn to see Mike and he didn’t disappoint.

Mike and the kids in Hong Kong DisneylandThe kids thought he was fantastic. I thought the costume was very cool, but I am pretty sure from an inside perspective Mikes arms would get real heavy after a while. We were too hot and sweaty to brave another wait to meet Sully. Handy hint:  you can ask the cast members when each character will appear so you aren’t waiting around and can make more efficient use of your time.

The kids can’t wait for the movie to come out. While I have my doubts it could possibly equal the original (despite being a Pixar production) I am glad this little Summertime display has inspired an interest and excitement in my kids for Monsters University.


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