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Statistically speaking…

Road toll statistics, Hong Kong

Superman was right. Flying is definitely safer than Hong Kong’s roads.

No – that’s not a typo. There were 20,000 “casualties” on Hong Kong roads last year. When I think of the road tolls in New Zealand (144 in 2012) and Australia (around 1300 in 2012) then look at even just the “Total to Date” figure for Hong Kong, that number is seemingly terrifying.

However, after further investigation, the word casualties is not used as we do down under. In Hong Kong “Road Casualties” refer to those involved in an accident – not those who died. The actual number of deaths on Hong Kong roads in 2012 was 119, which compares relatively to Australia and New Zealand.

The sign does act as a reminder however of how dangerous Hong Kong roads can be.

As an aside … GOD sponsors this sign outside the Aberdeen Tunnel. Clever advertising or divine intervention?


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