kid of the 80's / TV shows

You know you’re a kid of the 80’s when …

A new model car comes out and you are disappointed to find the car companies STILL haven’t included a computer that can have a conversation with you … or the ability for the car to drive itself on the open road while you nap … or turbo boost over oncoming traffic.


Is there anything cooler than a car that could tell David Hasselhoff he was an idiot? The original KNIGHT RIDER allowed our minds to experience the fun of a self-thinking (and often opinionated) car and his driver as together they helped in the fight against crime.

Or … as the show said ” A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.” -Is that man Michael Knight or K.I.T.T? (For me it was K.I.T.T)

There have been several attempts to renew or reboot the Knight Rider TV series but none had the right balance of drama, action and humour of the original. Even though the visuals and storylines (and the clothes) are dated in the original, the idea of a cool car with lots of nifty gadgets still has quite an appeal. And let’s face it – who back in the 80’s DIDN’T want a 1982 black Pontiac Firebird Trams-Am?

Ok, so to be fair, some of K.I.T.T’s abilities are actually found on modern cars today. Several car manufacturers now offer a car that can park itself. GPS navigation is all but a given – in fact one company do offer a K.I.T.T voice option for their nav system. TV screens in the dashboard are common place. Proximity sensors are becoming a regular feature. We’re getting there … slowly.

Useless Trivia: In most countries, K.I.T.T’s anamorphic equalizer (the red light scanner, his “eyes”) would make a car illegal as red lights are normally not permitted by law on the front of registered vehicles.


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