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Eating at the New York, New York – Il Fornaio

Our first night in Las Vegas we wanted something convenient for dinner. While walking the casino floor of the New York, New York, awing at the number of pokies and the fact there was a Starbucks inside, we decided to stop at Il Fornaio for dinner. It was busy, there was a slight queue and people seemed happy enough so we felt that was as good a reason as any to give it a go.

goats cheese, tomato, mozzarella and olives flat bread

For entree we had a goats cheese, tomato, mozzarella and olives flat bread. It was divine. Beautifully made and easy to eat it was a wonderful start to the meal.

We were also served complimentary breads with olive oil and balsamic. Of those, the sourdough was the absolute standout. I could have happily brought several loaves of it home with me.

grilled salmon with lemon thyme sauce, rosemary potato wedges and broccolini

For our main we had grilled salmon with lemon thyme sauce, rosemary potato wedges and broccolini. It sounded nice and the presentation was ok (like something from a Masterchef contestant – LOL) however the salmon was dry and overcooked. I could hardly eat 1/2 of my piece of fish. The vegetables were average in both cooking and seasoning. The rosemary wedges were the highlight of the dish. The broccolini was nicely cooked on one of our plates and soggy on the other. I didn’t mind not eating as much of my main since the entree was quite filling on its own.

raspberry filled chocolate mousse with raspberry cream sauce

For dessert we were served raspberry filled chocolate mousse with raspberry cream sauce. Oh boy did that sound delicious in the menu, and we weren’t disappointed. The mousse had a rough texture which was unusual at first but complimented and enhanced the dish the more you ate. The mousse had an orange liqueur flavour which drew us into the mousse even more. The base was a soaked sponge and hidden in the centre of the mousse were whole raspberries. The taste was fresh and delightful. Both of us rolling our eyes at each bite. The sauce complemented the mousse perfectly and left us content with our meal despite the mediocre main.

At this point I have to mention the service. It was simply outstanding. Our waitress was very attentive to our needs. When she noticed neither one of us had finished our mains she asked if everything was ok. We mentioned how dry and overcooked the fish was and she immediately offered to take them back and have new fish cooked. We had already 1/2 eaten the fish, so we didn’t expect that at all and told her it was fine, only for her to come back a few minutes later and tell us the chef agreed the fish had been overcooked and they were taking the main off our bill. I was totally blown away! Is this the norm in US restaurants?

New York, New York also had a steakhouse we didn’t try, a buffet that didn’t look to impressive, as well a a hotdog stand, pizza place, deli, etc. We were impressed with the food choice. As we discovered Vegas is definitely a city for foodies!

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