Turbo … That snail is FAST!

Given the difficulty we had finding a cinema in Hong Kong that still had this movie playing in English a week and a half after its release I am guessing Turbo has been one of the less successful children’s movie releases of the summer.

(c) Dreamworks

(c) Dreamworks

We eventually found tickets and headed out to a cinema in Tung Chung to see how fast this little snail really was.

As a Disney purist I have to admit I don’t connect as well with Dreamworks films but the snails and premise in this film are cute. The storyline is predictable – snail wants to be fast, runs away, gets mutated, wants to race in Indy 500, etc … adults will know how it is going to end about 1/3 to 1/2 way through, but there are some funny moments that do make this film enjoyable.

The snail characters are likeable and laughable and kept the kids engaged the whole movie. The pimping of the snail shells was a clever concept and we found ourselves hopeful Turbo would get to fulfill his dream.

The music makes the film. My kids were humming this one hours after we left the cinema. I actually think the characters were cast well and including a singer or two in the mix gave great opportunity to use the time-true hook of music intertwined into the storyline.

Bethany thought the movie was OK but not as good as Monsters University. Mitchell really loved it because of the racing like in ‘Cars’.

I’m not sure I would have bothered seeing this on the big screen, as I think it will translate just as well to TV/DVD but if it has had some success elsewhere there is certainly potential for sequels and even I have to admit … THAT SNAIL IS FAST!


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