The Smurfs 2 … Blue Goo

Perhaps the one movie I didn’t want my kids to ask to see over summer was this one.

(c) Sony Pictures Animation

(c) Sony Pictures Animation

As a kid of the 80’s I loved smurfs, and even collected them from the Smurf shop – yes … believe it or not Auckland did indeed have a shop solely dedicated to to the purchase of smurf figurines way back then. The 3D version of the smurfs set mostly in our world should revive those childhood memories, but instead it just gives me the creeps.

Unfortunately (for me) my kids liked the first movie and couldn’t wait to see Smurfs 2, so off we went the day after it opened in Hong Kong to a packed house viewing.

Of all the movies I have seen this summer this was, by far, the worst of the kids movies. The storyline is incredibly weak and doesn’t have any rhythm to it. The humour is sporadic and the characters simply felt flat (despite the 3D).

There was a scene where the audience fly through Notre Dame with Smurfette in true 3D style. It felt like this scene was included purely to justify the use of 3D for the movie. Aside from that one scene there didn’t seem to be any real need for the movie to be in 3D at all.

The inclusion of the theme of step-dads was overworked throughout the movie. Not only did we have to deal with the relationship between Smurfette and Papa, but also Patrick (Neil Patrick Harris) and his step-father. The analogies being addressed didn’t resonate at all with my kids and I’m sorry but the duck scenes (actually all the scenes with Patrick’s step-dad) felt like ‘filler’ to lengthen the running time, adding nothing to the movies storyline at all. The character of Victor didn’t offer anything meaningful to the storyline and my kids didn’t really understand why he was in the movie (nor did I).

Bethany liked Smurfs 2 but she didn’t think it was anywhere as good as Monsters University or Turbo. Her favorite part of the movie was the new character Vexy.

Mitchell didn’t enjoy the movie, but he did like the Naughties. He wanted to see Turbo again… Smurfs 2 didn’t leave any memorable scenes for him.

Overall this movie was a disappointment and I regret paying for my children to see it. It would be more suited to direct to DVD release, thriving purely on the legacy of the characters created by Peyo.

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