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Old Town Vegas: Fremont Street

Exploring Vegas, Shirlz encouraged us to take a look at the old part of town so we took a bus over to Fremont Street to check out what old style Vegas looked like.

Old and seedy would be how I describe the area. Fremont Street is now a pedestrian mall, covered in an awning and shrouded on all sides by casinos. We could tell there had been attempts to modernise and make the area more appealing, but it certainly doesn’t match the glitz and glamour of the main Strip. Dark, dank looking casinos with creepy men meant we kept to the actual pedestrian mall not straying into any of them for a look-see. Tacky and crass, we decided these casino’s probably served a different clientele to those back over on the Strip. I don’t think this area has made it out of the 1970’s yet…

However it did have some icons of the past. The iconic old neon cowboy we had seen in numerous movies growing up was here; albeit a lot smaller than I thought he was. The awning encompassing the street probably didn’t help.

There were showgirls working the mall. US$5 got you a photo with them, and the vision of a whole lot more I rather wish I hadn’t seen when they raised their legs above their heads.

This sign grabbed my attention and sent me into hysterical laughter. Firstly it doesn’t look like any Chinese meal I have ever seen. Secondly, advertising it along with American favorites? They may as well have just made the burger, hotdog and fries the main poster and puts the Chinese down the bottom. I don’t think many of their patrons are looking for the ‘delicious Chinese’. At least not the edible kind.

Meanwhile Ange decided to get up close to the locals.

This “American Indian” was standing around in his loincloth just waiting for gullible tourists (ie US) to wander on by. With US$5 Ange got a lot closer to the natives than even we thought she would. Real or not he made Ange’s day … I bet her he was actually Mexican, not Native American but she didn’t care and her hubby thought it was hysterical when he saw the pic.

The only places worth seeing on Fremont Street were the souvenir shops where you could pick up a lot of the junky tourist souvenirs for quite cheap should you desire. Other than that … been there, done that, wouldn’t recommend it or bother going back.

Stick to the strip and the outlet malls*; don’t bother with Fremont Street.

*The outlet mall at the northern end of the strip was fantastic for bargains (at least from a tourist perspective) from some of the name brand stores.


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