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Back to school…

Who’d’ve thought the kids returning to school could lead to such a wave of busy in our family. So much for those who say mums sit at home and do nothing but watch TV – I WISH!

So the kids are back at school and loving it. They love their new teachers, and Bethany FINALLY got her best friends in the same class with her. I am blessed that my kids go to a school they enjoy in a happy, friendly and truly multicultural environment.

We have taken the bold (crazy) decision that I will drive them to school in the morning rather than use the school bus. It is a decision based on proximity, time and financial considerations. The kids are happier than they have ever been. For the first time they are driven to the school gate by mum’s taxi (ie ME) and picked up in the afternoon either by myself or my helper. The kids love the freedom from the rules and dramas of the school bus.

Logistically for me of course, it means I have to lock out more time in my day for the drop off and pick up, but the benefits do make it worthwhile. There is nothing like having Mitchell come bursting out after the school bell rings, talking at a million miles an hour to let me know what he’s been doing all day – an excitement that was never there when he rode the school bus.

Bethany is loving it because to her it is ‘what things would be like in Australia’. Neither of us know exactly how things would work with school in Australia but she’s happy and that’s the important thing.

While we wait I get to catch up with some of the mums in the afternoon too, which is nice. Although 95% of the people waiting for children are helpers, there are a few mums who come up occasionally and it is nice to chat, even if it is just a brief “Hi, How ya going”. Similarly my helper gets to meet other helpers too and have a chat while they wait.

In my “free time” I’ve been getting the school supplies sorted, catching up on paperwork I put off over the Summer break and getting the charity organisation I am involved with up and running again with its own plethora of meetings and engagements requiring my time. I’ve been going to all the school related functions and with my hubby OS for work at the moment dealing with a lot of clinginess from Mitchell in the evenings.

On top of that I thought it would be wise to spring clean some of the kids toys and clothes. I had the great idea to put them all in one photo album and place an ad on a Facebook forum (called swap-it-hk) to try and sell them. Hindsight is a marvellous thing. The lesson I learnt was not to put so many things up at one time. I was inundated with requests from people within the first 2 minutes. Within 15 minutes I had 17 private messages and several more publicly all vying for items in desperation. Wooah. It has been great as we have got some extra cash (50% of which the children are using to purchase things for charity) however the work involved organising with people and getting stuff to locations for pickup has been time consuming. I’m taking a break before I put the next set of items up to sell. Having said all that it is really nice to think that people are getting a new life out of toys and clothes my children loved. I hope their kids enjoy the toys, books and clothes as much as my children did.

In the first week of school Mitchell lost two teeth within a few days of each other.

Toothless Mitchell

He’s now officially toothless, talking funny and having a wild time freaking everyone out. He refuses to let the tooth fairy come and take his teeth. He has been checking the tooth fairy hasn’t stolen them each morning. I have one of these strange kids who is not interested in quick cash. He will happily save his money and is in no rush to accumulate more. I’m not sure exactly what we’ll do about ‘keeping the teeth’. Personally I’m not that thrilled about keeping them as they creep me out, but I am respecting his decision about what he wants to do.

Things still haven’t quietened down yet with the ‘back to school’ rush as I have decided to call it, however I hope I will finally be able to sit down and actually begin writing again over the next week. My apologies for my silence should you have missed me but I will be picking up where I left off in the near future.


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