kid of the 80's / TV shows

You know you’re a kid of the 80’s when …

you see a P&O or Princess cruise ship and start humming (or singing) the theme music from “The Love Boat”

The Love Boat

Burned into our childhood brains from a weekly obsession, “The Love Boat” was a prime time TV show with a plethora of seemingly unending guest stars (some often famous) cruising aboard (normally) the Pacific Princess.

My memories of the show mostly revolve around the comedy of Gopher and the barman. Of course though, who could forget Captain Stubing. The cast made the show work as you got to see life not only from the guests perspective but also from the crew. 45 minutes of relief from the world around as we cruised off to some exotic location (mostly Acapulco if I remember correctly).

Looking back I can’t believe the show was so successful (if you believe wikipedia 9 seasons!!) but it was the 80’s and perhaps we were on a different planet back then. 😉


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