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The Art of Dumplings … Super Star Seafood Restaurant

Restaurants need a gimmick to stand out in Hong Kong. Especially Yum Cha (dim sum) restaurants which are a dime a dozen and found on almost every corner.

Super Star Seafood Restaurant has come up with an interesting one that certainly enticed me through their doors.  There are several “Super Star” restaurants in Hong Kong, so I am going to assume they all do this, however this post relates directly to the one on the 10th floor of Times Square in Causeway Bay.

What’s the gimmick you say? Well, why don’t I show you…

Yep – you’re seeing right – these are animal dumplings. Super Star has crafted and served marshmallow bunnies for several years now, but have expanded their range with a selection of savoury and sweet dumplings targeting the young and the young at heart.

As Yum Cha restaurants go “Super Star” is ok. It isn’t great but it isn’t bad. It is a large middle of the range restaurant that can be slightly on the expensive side but generally has decent service and we’ve not ever had to wait too long for a table. They have a good range of different lunch time dishes which vary in tastiness and then they have these caricature dumplings which I insisted on trying both from a curiosity and taste perspective.

Let’s start with the penguin.

Mr Penguin is in fact a prawn dumpling. His black “tuxedo” is created using seaweed over the top of the prawn dumpling rice wrapper. The dumpling itself is nice. It’s edible and it has prawn in it. If it helps encourage children to try prawn dumplings then it is doing its job.

Mr Elephant is a savoury deep fried barbecue pork dumpling. He definitely looks better than he tastes. There is too much pastry and not enough filling for me. Despite being cleverly crafted with pretz for tusks and crackers for ears, no one at our table enjoyed eating him very much.

The bumble bees were a sweet deep fried variation on a deep fried sesame ball snack common at most Yum Cha restaurants.

These particular dumplings had a sweet mild butter-sugar custard in them (lie wong) and were surprisingly very tasty.

The irony of all these dumplings: our kids didn’t want to try them. They loved the creation of them but seeing their food crafted as cute animals didn’t make them want to eat the dumplings even though my kids happily eat the normal versions.

So the gimmick worked on me, but not my kids. Cute as a once off for not necessarily the young but the young at heart. 😉

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