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6 Years on…

WordPress kindly informed me last week that I have been blogging for 6 years.

Woah! I thought. I couldn’t quite believe it so I went back to look at some of my earlier posts.

Woah! I thought … again. Mitchell wasn’t even 1. Bethany was still a toddler. We lived in a different country and my writing was purely about the day to day adventures of being a first time mum. Each post short and sweet.

Woah!  … How far have I come in 6 years. I write a lot more now, both in duration and frequency. I won’t say quantity as I don’t judge my posts by word count – that’s not important to me. I’d like to think the quality of my writing has improved, but that’s subjective.

When I think back, I wonder why I began blogging. I love to write. Always have. Most of my writing you have never seen my dear reader. Perhaps one day I will be brave enough to share it… one day. Honestly, I think I began blogging as a way to express myself as a mum who was (and still is) learning the road of parenthood. As someone who loves to write and who needed a medium in which to express myself, possibly more for myself 6 years ago than anything else, blogging seemed a natural path along which to write.

I realise regardless of the trigger, I have a real-time and sometimes very personal journal of my family and our life. I have 6 years of events, holidays, incidents, emotions, highs and lows. I have 6 years of memories documented and for me that is incredibly important. As someone who has a thyroid condition that has directly affected my memory, I have a repository, here on WordPress that even I can look back on and relive experiences as I felt them at the time – experiences some of which I sadly no longer remember myself.

So thank you WordPress. Thank you for your logenvity. Thank you for providing a free resource whereby I have always been able to openly and freely express myself, document life and share my world with the rest of the planet.

Here’s to many years more of evolving and writing and growing and sharing. Thank you dear reader for sharing even just one post of my blog with me on my journey.


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