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Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s that time of year when Hong Kong lights up with more than just its regular Symphony of Lights at night.

It is time for fairy lights to string across apartment complexes, colourful lanterns to be hung around entranceways of apartments and children to walk around with this seasons newest lantern accessories. My children LOVE this time of year when they get to choose their new lantern and drive adults mad with the music and lights. It is a time to share with friends and eat mooncakes and celebrate in the light of the full moon.

I was in Sai Yin Pun the other day on a photography walk (I’m not very good but I hope by doing these walks I can at least capture some of the essence of the city I live in) and happened across some of my favourite stores for lanterns. The shops were brimming with red and gold and every other colour in between with a huge range of delightful traditional and no traditional lanterns on display. I love this shop because it has such a vast range of lanterns and they change from year to year which always make it a colourful adventure of smiles.

Haven’t gotten over your Hong Kong giant rubber duck craze yet? No worries – you can have a lantern of your favourite giant yellow bath toy. This one is so large he has wheels so you can pull him along rather than carry him!

I don’t think anyone will be disputing these lanterns are in Hong Kong thanks to the red taxi in the background. I loved this dolphin lantern but alas my camera just can’t do it the justice it deserves. It actually sparkled like a rainbow as it spun around.

This lantern caught my eye because of the cross-cultural implications of it. To me, it looks like a pink and purple turkey – perfect for those who want to celebrate Autumn (not that it has made its presence known in Hong Kong yet) in Thanksgiving style. I suppose you could say it is a peacock … but I’m going to think of it as a turkey for my American friends out there.

One thing I love about living in Hong Kong is the opportunity every year to immerse into the cultural beauty of the festive holidays this country enjoys. You can bet there will be a few more lantern posts coming soon…


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