kid of the 80's / Music

You know you’re a kid of the 80’s when …

you click on a link to a Rick Roll video and instead of being shocked, disappointed or surprised and turning it off, start bopping along to the entire tune.

Oh yeah! Rick Astley … iconic hair, iconic voice, iconic dance. He was “discovered” by Stock Aitken Waterman, who were almost single-handedly responsible for serveral iconic music acts of the 80’s including old Kylie Minogue. His deep voice meshed with 80’s pop was a surefire success over several continents. He was clean cut, well dressed and mums were happy for their daughters to have a crush on him.

rick astley

“Never Gunna Give You Up” and “Together Forever” are his two standout tracks for me. He fizzled into oblivion in the 1990’s securing his place as a pure 80’s icon in music history until the recent RickRoll phenomenon launched his voice and his videos back into popular circulation thanks to YouTube.

A huge thanks to PirateDiva82 (aka Lauren) for letting me use her Lois and Clark rickroll video here. 🙂


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