kid of the 80's / Movies

You know you’re a Kid of the 80’s when…

You leave the room to go and get something and announce in a mono-symbolic low tone (possibly with a hint of an Austrian accent)

“I’ll be back!”

Terminator 1984

The original Terminator movie. That reliable, ever robust T-800 that ONLY one actor can play. It started a catchphrase that has made Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name, an action hero and a US governor. I’m pretty sure even old Arnie didn’t know the impact that line or this movie would have on 80’s movie culture… or his career.

It started a franchise that has seen one of the better sequels ever done (T2)… but we’ll forget about what came after shall we?

My husband could quote one liners from the entire Arnie catalogue, but this line has the most versatility in our household.

So, how about it? Will you be back?



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