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You know you’re a kid of the 80’s when…

Someone asks who you’re going to call and you answer back



(c) Sony Pictures

It was a movie… but much of the popularity for the Ghostbusters franchise stemmed from the song of the same name written by Ray Parker Junior. In fact, if you really are a kid of the 80’s I’d suspect the addictive riff from the Ghostbusters song is probably still playing in your head as you read this. 😉

The movie was quirky and original bringing together the humour of Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Raymis, the later two having penned the movie, as the three start a ‘ghost catching’ business. It also stars a very young Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis. Bursting with up and coming stars, as well as a light hearted but not TOO scary storyline and a ghost or two that brought humour along with them it was an instant and long-lived success.

And seriously, who CAN’T love a movie with a giant 15 storey tall Stay Puft marshmallow man!

One thought on “You know you’re a kid of the 80’s when…

  1. Love this song! And yes – even before I clicked onto the video, I was already singing it lol Watched the cartoons rather than the movie as a kid. Can’t remember when it was that I watched the movie, but it was years later. Might look it up again. You’ve made me want to re-watch it. Ta!

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