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F.A.B – French American Bistro

There is one area on Hollywood Road where restaurants fail to thrive. It is hidden under the escalator right on Hollywood Road. I think in the last 2 years I have seen at least two if not 3 different restaurants set up shop in that location only to see them close again in a short period of time.

F.A.B is the latest restaurant to take on the curse of the location and if the food is anything to go by, it will be giving the curse a good run for it’s money. As the name suggests, this restaurant is a mix of French and American food and has a small but tasty menu selection. Now a word of warning – this place isn’t the cheapest, however in terms of freshness and quality it definitely delivers.

The Seabass Ceviche is a MUST TRY. The chef has got everything right with this dish. It is an eye-rolling explosion of flavours with beautiful fresh fish. Everyone I know who has tasted the ceviche has groaned in ecstasy. Yes – it really IS that good.

The beef tartar is another dish I absolutely love here. The beef is mixed in a light creamy mustard based sauce with the right mix of seasonings – I think there is a hint of gherkin in there –  and is a cool and refreshing delight on the palette. Raw beef isn’t for everyone, but if you were ever going to try it – this is the place to go.

Interestingly enough, FAB has a sister restaurant in Sai Ying Pun called Metropolitan that also has a beef tartar on its menu. The one at FAB is worlds better.

If you prefer your meat cooked, then the cheeseburger is definitely worth consideration. Whilst pricey, I actually believe it is worth it for a rare splurge as the burger is a well constructed, juicy and enjoyable meal. Melted cheese oozes over the fresh beef patty giving the meal a home made charm complimented by some crunchy french fries in a pail on the side, but the proof of the food is in the taste. This burger is delicious.

Friends of mine have also tried the chicken, which they loved, and a neighbouring table on one visit was raving about their mussels dish, so I suspect it would be hard to find something bad on the menu.

Desserts are also well worth tasting here. The chocolate mousse is delicious as is the cream brulee.

The restaurant itself feels cosmopolitan and in some way more like a bar than a restaurant, but that is fine by me. It has a cosy hum to it and is quite relaxing to sit in all afternoon, although during summer months it can get a bit sticky because of the humidity. The back of the restaurant is almost a tribute to Marilyn Monroe with her likeness embedded into the decor.

The drinks menu doesn’t include many cocktails (of their menu the only one I drink is the Bloody Mary). I have to admit compared to neighbouring venues the cocktails aren’t anything amazing unless you get the french guy to prepare your Bloody Mary, but even then it is … ok.

The staff can be a bit hit and miss. The French waitress is amazing. Every time I have visited she has gone out of her way to make sure the people I am with and myself are well cared for and happy with our food and always have enough to drink. Some f the other waiters and waitresses are not so attentive, but in Hong Kong that is to be expected.

This restaurant definitely put the FAB into fabulous and I hope it can vanquish the curse of location to remain successful.


FAB – 30 Hollywood Road, Central, HONG KONG                     Ph 28101600

Go and try the ceviche. You know you want to!!

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