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No Apologies…

I often see blog posts where the person is away for a while and apologises for the tardiness of their efforts.

Look far enough back in my blog and you’ll even see the same from me… repeatedly. I know I’ve felt guilt for my disappearances in the past.

This time though, no apologies or excuses for my absence.

Sure, the last couple of months have been busy and crazy for me. It hasn’t been anything world-shattering-write-a-million-blog-posts-about but it left me with little time to get on the interwebs … or … if I’m honest, not wanting to be near my computer or the greater internet in general. I don’t feel guilty for living my crazy life … with my sprogs, but I do feel a little guilty for ignoring my computer.

It sits here patiently waiting for me, and day after day I give it a brief glance as I pass by then turn away. It isn’t human, it isn’t sentient, it doesn’t complain and it doesn’t get upset with me for not playing with it. It just sits, humming quietly, always waiting.

I sit here typing on it now. It’s keys chattering cheerfully as I move my fingers across them, as if I had never turned away. As if no time had passed.

You see, unlike me, it knows I will always be back. It knows I always have words welling inside my mind, bouncing around screaming to be let out. It knows I will always find solace, no matter how long it takes, in allowing those words, those thoughts, those opinions to escape into the screen through it’s portal.

I have so much still to write. Knowing where to start and what to share is a challenge. A few months of thoughts yearning for release. So please bear with me as I catch up with my thoughts and words. They will probably flow randomly through this blog, not necessarily following their chronological creation, but flowing never-the-less as they always have.

Maybe, just maybe, spending time away helps renew the spirit, realise what’s important and revitalise focus.

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