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Which Animal are YOU?

Mums! We’re an odd bunch. Such a diverse group in fact that we HAVE to be labelled.

Are you a Tiger mum?Are you a tiger mum? A monster mum? A koala mum? A dolphin mum?

These are terms that have been thrown around the Hong Kong mum community recently. Thanks to the media I knew what a tiger mum was but the others? I had to look those ones up.

The last time I looked though, I didn’t have stripes or a tail or horns or claws or fur. Nor have I ever lived in the ocean or up a tree.

Why is it we as mums have to be compartmentalised, and compartmentalise other into some sort of zoo cage?

Is there an insecurity in being a mum that we have to identify ourselves with other species in order to feel accepted?

Is it really so bad to just be a HUMAN mum?

I am a hands-on mum, a disciplined mum, a supportive mum, an encouraging mum. Sometimes I’m a frustrated mum, a stressed mum or a scared mum.

I make my kids do homework. I sometimes set them additional tasks to (hopefully) reinforce the skills they are learning. I make my kids do chores – pick up their toys, tidy their rooms, accept responsibilities. I expect manners and my kids know, respect and use them. They understand the importance of please and thank you.

As far as I see it, I am JUST a mum.

Every mum is different. More importantly, how we raise our children vary far more than those species found in the animal kingdom.

Every mum (myself included) is bumbling their way through parenthood (as do most dads as well) making mistakes, learning, moving on and continually adapting to the personality and ability of our children.

Do I always agree with how other parents raise their kids?

No. But then I am sure there are mums who don’t approve of my parenting styles or attitudes either. THIS is the beauty of individualism. This is how we, as mums and dads, create diverse and interesting offspring that will hopefully evolve into a generation better than our own.

I might roar like a tiger from time to time. I might cuddle like a koala. I might push my sprogs to leap out of the water and try new things. I might hang upside down in exhaustion and insanity. I might swoop down on those who seek to harm my children with my talons extended.

But at the end of the day when all is done,
With my children asleep and my job mostly done,
I am…

Just a mum,

Just a mum.

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