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Buttercream Christmas Wreath Cupcakes

It’s been a while. A good long while since I baked and decorated. I do have a very good excuse … up until recently I haven’t had a OVEN! (But that’s another story for another post)

With Christmas getting close and lots of Christmas parties to bake for, I have the perfect excuse to get back into the swing of decorating. The first of the party baking was for Bethany’s class party at school.

I’m a huge fan of buttercream both from a taste and convenience perspective, particularly on cupcakes. Knowing the audience was kids and the cupcakes would have to be carried to and through school by Bethany I wanted a design that was simple yet Christmassy. Bethany also wanted something she could help with, so we sat down and looked through Pinterest. Love it or hate it, Pinterest is a  great place for getting inspiration and ideas. There were several buttercream wreath ideas and we decided to take the concept and work with it in our own way.

This is our finished product. Actually, Bethany chose to put some stars on the wreaths as well. Simple and cute.

Wanna make this design yourself?

You’ll need a batch of buttercream icing and 3 decorating bags with connectors. I found one batch of buttercream was just enough to create this design on 12 regular sized cupcakes.

Decorating Tips: 3 (for red), 12 (for cream), 14 (for green)

Candy balls (or other small candies to use as decorations)

Colour approximately 1/2 a cup red. I use the Wilton colour pastes but use your own personal preference.

Colour approximately 1 1/2 cups green.

The rest of the buttercream I leave its natural butter cream colour. I use real New Zealand butter for my buttercream which gives it that natural looking off-white colour.

The base of the cupcake is created using the cream coloured buttercream and a size 12 tip.

Starting on the outer edge of the cupcake with the bag held straight ice the cupcake in a slow, flat spiral motion. You’re not looking for much height here as the wreath will go on top. I chose to leave a small ‘peak’ on the centre of the finished spiral as I wanted to maintain that cupcake look, but the choice is up to you whether to do that or not.

Next we need to create the wreath with the green buttercream and the number 14 tip. We are going to make a series of  miniature rosette swirls. Choose where you want to start your wreath. Press the icing out and make a small swirl that closes on itself. Repeat the process around the cupcake eventually joining the first and last swirls to complete the wreath.

Use the red buttercream with number 3 tip to draw a bow at the top (or bottom) of your wreath. To create the bow draw a sideways 8, or if you’re a geek girl like me, an infinity symbol. Then pipe the two ‘tails’ of the bow underneath.

Now add the candy embellishments in whichever way you like to complete, but don’t go too nuts or you’ll loose the impact of the wreath. Great fun to make, especially with Bethany helping out, and easy to eat.

For Hong Kong bakers wondering where I sourced my embellishments; I got the candied balls from Sweet Decorations and the stars from Twins. Both are located in Wan Chai in the same building.



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