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Chun Yao Bang (Deep Fried Spring Onion Pastry)

Before moving to Hong Kong when I thought of Spring Onion (also known as green onion or shallot in various parts of the world) it was normally as a part of a salad or addition to a sauce. Nowadays it is the main ingredient in one of my favourite Shanghainese snack foods in Hong Kong.

This particular version (and the one I am most partial to) is a knot of flaky pastry with a similar texture to a spring roll filled with a chopped spring onion filling. The outside is crunchy like a spring roll. The layer below this is slightly ‘bready’ while the spring onion filling complements the outside layer. Somehow the chef is able to come up with a combination whereby the spring onion doesn’t overpower the palate and the pastry isn’t oily.

I know it isn’t going to be for everyone because not everyone likes spring onion, however if you don’t mind spring onion and want to experience it in a completely different light, definitely give this little gem a go.


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