Happy New Year

Welcome to 2014. 

A new year. A new start… 

or is it just a continuation of the ongoing drama of the year before? 

I personally like to look at the onset of January as a chance to reinvent ourselves and tackle new adventures and challenges, but the reality is that isn’t always the case and new starts, if any, are often short lived. 

I stand unsure of the year ahead for me. There is always a lot to look forward to. There is also a lot to be scared of. There is a lot of uncertainty hovering over me as I look once again into the unknown. 

I try not to look back at the year just past however I know it will influence some of the events in the coming year and so I know its influence will linger as they always do. Many of my friends had an awful 2013. Mine was ok aside from a few medical hiccups at the beginning (the loss of an ACL in one of my knees) and the end (yep – blacking out in a large busy Chinese restaurant during dinner with friends was NOT on my bucket-list of things to do in life and yet I can now tick it off). 

My hope for this year is that we all, yes ALL of us, have a happy, healthy and safe year. 




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