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Christmas Tree Cupcakes

With only 354 days until Christmas I thought I’d get in early and show you how to make these nifty Christmas tree cupcakes. 😉

OK, OK. I was hoping to have this posted before Christmas but school holidays got the better of me. Ah well – better late than never – RIGHT?

They are super simple and work best on a dark coloured cupcake. I like to use chocolate cupcakes as it makes me think of the tree shooting out of the ground.

For 12 regular sized cupcakes you’ll need one batch of buttercream icing coloured green (or whatever colour you intend to make your trees).

Decorating tip: 1M

Decorating bag with decorating tip attached.

As connectors don’t work with the 1M, after you cut the bottom out of your decorating bag and place the tip, use a small amount of sellotape around the join between the tip and the bag to stop buttercream icing coming out the sides.

You’ll also need some candy embellishments. I used candy balls and some candy stars purchased from local baking shops in Wan Chai (Twins and Sweet Decorations for those who are interested) however you can decorate your trees with whatever candy you choose. The trick here is to go for candies small enough they work with the proportions of the tree size. Whilst M&M’s and Smarties are convenient, they are too large to make the trees look cute.

Using the green buttercream in the decorating bag with the 1M tip slightly in from the edge of the cupcake start to make a cupcake spiral. The spiral will be tighter than a normal swirl and should build upon itself to create height. I use one continuous motion to create two swirls – one on top of the other decreasing in diameter as it grows.  Be careful when you finish your swirl. If you remove the tip too fast the tree will fall to one side.

You want enough icing to give you a tree but not so much as to overwhelm the cupcake or the eater.

Once you are happy with your swirls, gently add your candy decorations.

It really is that simple. In no time you’ll have a forest of trees to delight your friends and family, or in this case, classmates.

Now you’re ready to practice for NEXT Christmas! Nya-ha-ha!

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