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For several years now I have been working quietly in the background on something of a personal journey.

You see as much as I love to write about Hong Kong, sprogs, baking, travel and all the other bits and bobs you find hovering on this blog my true writing passion actually resides in another arm of the literary genre.

I write fiction. I aspire to be a novelist.

There – I said it. It is something I haven’t chosen to share with many until recently. I’ve kept much of my real life separate from my writing life.

I have one complete but unedited manuscript and two other stories I am in the process or writing along with a couple of experimental short stories.

When I say I like to write I often get strange looks from people. When I tell people I write fiction or that I am writing a novel I tend to get even stranger looks. Is it possible that a passion for fictional writing is frowned upon even more than being a stay-at-home mum?

I’m not published, and to be honest, aside from the occasional joking remark from my husband about hurrying up so we can earn millions (a reality founded more in fiction than my actual writing) I am not rushing out to BE published. I know that writers don’t make a lot of money and that isn’t my end goal. For me writing is a pleasure and a challenge. I write for myself and I hope that eventually I will have the courage to allow others to read my words … and perhaps some of them might enjoy the stories too. If money follows it will be a quietly appreciated bonus but it isn’t something I expect. I just want to write and have someone other than myself enjoy the tale I tell.

Now that I’ve made the admission I have to overcome the fear of being ridiculed and the inevitable rejection that comes with writing. I need to blow the dust off my first manuscript, sitting quietly on my hard drive waiting to be viciously edited and do just that. Edit.

Maybe as I take these baby steps forward I will finally have the courage to share some of my fictional work here … maybe.

Are you an unpublished writer? How do people react when you tell them you write?





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