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Dear Hasbro,

As a mum of a son and a daughter who were both blessed with an abundance of Transformers paraphanelia (including toys, Kreo, music, clothes, books … and did I mention TOYS) at Christmas thanks to Santa and ourselves indulging our sprogs with the purchase of a large number of products from your Transformers franchise, I am now confident you have procured from my family (and millions of others) enough finances with which to fund  a new Transformers animated TV series (as good as Transformers Prime) OR another season of Transformers Prime using the original voices including the resurrection of Optimus Prime (No Cullen, No Watchin’!) to be aired later this year.

I expect the show to come out with enough time for you to release a whole new range of Transformers merchandise so Santa and I will once again have an easy year of present purchasing come December and, in a never-ending cycle, allow us to continue financing your production of quality TV shows with outstanding voice actors that delight and inspire my children’s imaginations (AND allow parents of my generation to reminisce fondly the memories of our childhood Transformers heros as we watch the show along with our kids).

Transform and Roll Out!



P.S With the Transformers 4 movie coming out mid-year and the additional purchases you KNOW parents like us will have to make because of it you really have no excuse now do you?


My little Autobots with Daisy and Donald

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