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A stroll through Kowloon Walled City Park

One of the surprising things about Hong Kong is how interesting some of the parks are. I’ve mentioned Kowloon Walled City Park before, but it never ceases to amaze me when I go to the park how much of an incredibly seedy and disturbing history it once had. Yet now, it is a paradise full of wonder, history and fun in the chaos of busy Kowloon City. You’d never know it used to be a home to a thriving drug, triad and prostitution business. You wouldn’t think it was the area where butchers (unregistered medical practitioners) performed illegal operations or that is was a multi-storeyed epiphany of slum-life. It is now a place of tranquility and vibrancy. It is normally filled with people young and old, exercising, exploring, and enjoying the park mostly oblivious to its past life.

The Walled City Park as it stands now has wonderful walking paths with a number of different historical and modern highlights to take in.

There is a Chinese Zodiac garden where all the animals of the Lunar Zodiac are represented with intriguing statues.

Two of the gates to the original walled city remain for those curious enough to hunt for them. This one can be accessed from Carpenter Road Park and has monuments and sculptures just inside that remember what once was on this land.

There are pagodas and other Chinese buildings to explore, investigate and admire.

There are archways to contemplate and enter. I adore the Chinese circular archways in gardens. They make such interesting frames.

The Yamen (the only original standing remnant of the Walled City) stands proud in the park. If only its walls could tell us some of the tales it has seen in its time.

There are doors to explore; Some open, some don’t. All hold an intrigue and a curiosity if you peer beyond.

And after all is explored and your tired feet and groaning belly need some nutrition, outside the parkland Kowloon City’s fabulous eateries await. Amazing Thai food, fabulous Vietnamese, and a variety of cuisine in between line the streets near the Walled City Park to satisfy and complete any adventure to “the dark side”.


3 thoughts on “A stroll through Kowloon Walled City Park

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    • Take the MTR to Lok Fu, You will need to walk about 10 minutes or so down Junction Road. There will be a temple up some stairs on your left just before you hit the park. The park itself hides the Walled City remnants within it.

      Alternatively, you can drive to Carpenter Road. There is street parking, although hard to get a parking spot, or there is a shopping mall – KCP – where you can park. The Walled City is only a couple of minutes walk down Carpenter Road within Carpenter Road Park.

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