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Golf Course Cake

My hubby normally doesn’t want a birthday cake, but this year he gave me that puppy dog look husbands sometimes do. He pouted a little and asked if it would be hard to make a golf cake.

Who am I to turn down the chance to bake and create? My only caveat on him was – what KIND of golf cake. He looked at me with that “you mean you can’t read my mind and know exactly what kind of cake I am thinking of?” look to which I raised an eyebrow.

I handed him my iPad with a search on golf cakes showing. His look quickly dissipated as he realised the diversity in theme of golf cakes. After looking at a few ideas he decided he wanted a simple golf course. “Make sure you include a bunker though!” he mentioned as he wandered off.

“uh – yeah – okaaaaay,” … I had to look up what a bunker was. He could have just said sand!

I decided to do a 3 tiered unusually shaped chocolate cake. The base design was made with two 8 inch round cakes and a 6 inch round cake. The second 8 inch round cake was cut into a semicircle that fit into the curve of the first cake to give an elongated oval. I shaped the left over half of the second cake to make a terrace as I wanted the water feature to flow down onto the cake base. Coated in chocolate ganache, the cakes were coated in green fondant (store brought as I still haven’t found a good go-to recipe to make my own) before the additional fondant details were added.

My philosophy is to make a 100% edible cake so the flags were created using a chocolate coated pocky biscuit stick and piped white chocolate. When I work with potentially catastrophic breakable features I have learnt (the hard way) to make spares which is why you see more than one in the photo. Don’t worry though – the sprogs enjoyed testing the resilience of the spares before merrily consuming them.

The look on my husband’s face said it all when he saw the finished product. He was absolutely delighted and felt very spoilt. His happiness makes the fun and time involved in making something like this all worthwhile.

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