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Walking your Birds …

You might have seen it in the odd Chinese movie; people taking their birds for a walk in their cages. Still a current pass-time for some Hong Kong locals they take great pride in walking their birds to a park and letting them hang around, enjoy the atmosphere and chirp with their friends.

Over in Sham Shui Po on a cold morning as we hunted for an 800 year old tomb we came across a man sitting around in a quiet park with his birds. The birds merrily lapped up the attention they were receiving from those in the park and the bird’s owner seemed to have no qualms with people walking up to his birds for a closer look.

The birds flitted around their cages merrily. I’m pretty sure they enjoyed the outing more than their rugged up owner.

Hong Kong is such a contrast of the modern and fast paced modern attitude of the society. It is always refreshing to see the old traditions alive and well albeit hidden within this thriving metropolis.



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