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Fireworks @ Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland does fireworks like no other. Hong Kong Disneyland is no exception. With fantastic music and inspiration to borrow from their animated movies the evening firework display “Disney in the Stars” is well worth hanging around for. Even after over 5 years of visits to Disneyland and sitting through the fireworks show countless times, my sprogs STILL love watching it. They sit silently for the entire duration captivated and immersed in the music and magic every time.

Park Tip: If you want a great view of the fireworks (especially for smaller children), without paying extra, head to the front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle about an hour before the fireworks are due to start. The area closest to the castle will be roped off for safety however you can sit in the non-roped area in front of the castle and stay seated on the pavers for the entire performance. You’ll get a fabulous mostly un-obstructed view without the pushing and shoving that happens in the standing crowds behind. The only challenge is making sure your legs don’t fall asleep while you wait!

The fireworks cover several of the classic Disney animated features including Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland, Mulan and Aladdin.

Not only are there a huge variety of fireworks to watch explode overhead, but the castle is used to great effect with colour and imagery.

There is a sequence that includes fire in the Mulan section of fireworks. It is incredibly bright (and thus my camera couldn’t capture it). My kids love it, although when Mitchell was smaller he would cower into me with fright every time that part of the show took place.

The fireworks times change depending on the time of year and what else is on, so if you want to stay for the show make sure to check in the “Times Guide” to ensure you are there early enough for the best view. If you’ve never been to a Disney Park and you’re on holiday, this is one part of Disneyland Hong Kong that is well worth waiting around for.

Park Tip: If you intend on doing shopping on Main Street before leaving Disneyland Hong Kong make sure you do your purchasing BEFORE the fireworks. After the fireworks there is a mad crush as people flood the Main Street stores for their last bit of merchandise shopping. The crowds are unbearable, often very pushy and the queues to pay for merchandise become terrible.

Once the fireworks finish Main Street turns into utter chaos as people amass into the shops and towards the exit of the park. To escape a little of the craziness we tend to sit around a bit longer and wait. That way we don’t have to deal with as much of the pushing and shoving that occurs to reach the exit.

Hong Kong Disneyland “Disney In The Stars” fireworks – even after almost 6 years, still as beautiful and magical as ever.

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