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Wakka Wakka Wakka – He’s baaaack!

On a walk through Tin Hau this morning, who should I stumble across but Pac Man!

A few posts back I mentioned Pac Man had been on this wall, only to be removed by the government for being too ‘distracting’. I later discovered he was originally tiled there by a renown international artist, Invader. Imagine my surprise, and that of passers-by, as we looked up and across and there he was, once again in all his yellow glory chasing after some pesky space invaders.

Well, ok. Not in his true original glory. That much is pretty evident. He’s a lot smaller than the original, which has a chalk outline drawn onto the wall. The tiles are also much larger squares than the originals, and they’re only cheap plastic. They’ve been roughly attached to the wall and are covered in grout where they haven’t been wiped up (or had time to be wiped up) properly.

It is nowhere as grand as the original artwork was, but it does give a glimpse into the pop of colour that enlightened and gave life to a grey stark wall on a busy street in Tin Hau.

Taking a much closer look, this version also has some interesting tagging associated with it. Danger tape covers the green government property sign in a cheeky snub at the people who took the original down so impulsively initially. To the bottom left there is also a Pac Man with fire on his head and at the bottom “Dangerous for Art 2014”. I’m going to make the bold assumption that these are the tags of the Invader copycats, or as I’m going to call them, the Fake Invaders.

As amusing as it is, this version of Pac Man doesn’t compare even remotely to the original in terms of quality. It is merely a Fake Invader … a copycat… a bottom floor Lo Wu mall version of the original. I appreciate the message it conveys, and I too wish the original hadn’t been removed in such haste, however this one won’t last long. If the elements don’t get to it (tiles were already falling off), I imagine given it has a rebellious message associated with it (something the original did not) the government will be swift in ensuring its removal.

Third time around I challenge someone to put Ms Pac Man up there. Perhaps the powers that be will be more gentle on a lady. 😉

What do you think of the 8-bit street art (original and fake Invaders) on the streets of Hong Kong?


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