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Tim Tam – O – Bots

When planning my children’s birthday parties I love to get creative. I love to work with the theme and I LOVE to come up with fun food ideas to make the party entertaining.

Mitchell wanted a Transformers party this year (big surprise that one – NOT!), so cars and autonomous robotic life forms were the plan.

Knowing my son and his specific tastes I wanted to come up with something special I knew he would not only love looking at but also enjoy eating. Thus Tim Tam -O-Bots were born.

Tim Tams are an Aussie staple. If you love chocolate then you probably love Tim Tams. They’re so popular you can get ‘fake’ Tim Tams here in Hong Kong that are made somewhere in Asia and no where near as nice as the real ones. Thankfully though you can also find the real Aussie made ones and those just happen to be Mitchell’s favourite biscuits. That’s what I used for these vehicular morsels of yum.

What you’ll need:

  • A packet (or 3) of Tim Tams (or equally enjoyable rectangular shaped chocolate coated biscuits) – The cars for Mitchell’s party are made with the Double Coated Chocolate variety.
  • M&M’s (or Smarties or Pebbles – neither of which are available in Hong Kong)
  • A large block of Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate (or equivalent preferred chocolate with enough height on it to make the cabin of the car)
  • Chocolate for melting (and a squeeze bottle to put the chocolate in)

How to make them:

Melt your chocolate and place into the squeeze bottle.

Grab a Tim Tam. As tempting as it is, don’t eat it. Line it up on a tray or some baking paper on a flat surface.

Choose 4 M&M’s. I went for the same colour for all 4 wheels. You can mix it up if you want to be all rainbow on each car.

On the back of the M&M put a blob of melted chocolate using your squeeze bottle. Stick the M&M to the side of the Tim Tam using the melted chocolate dot. Repeat the process around the Tim Tam with the 3 remaining M&M’s. Try not to move the Tim Tam as the M&M’s will need time resting on the side of the biscuit for the chocolate to set and make the M&M’s stick.

Break the chocolate bar up into it’s edible squares. Take one square and squeeze a blob of melted chocolate onto it’s base. Stick it to the top of the Tim Tam.

Repeat the process to create as parking lot full of wonderfully edible cars. Wait for the chocolate to set before trying to pick them up. You can put them in the fridge to speed up the process or to keep until the party. These are also great fun for the kids to help out with. The best part is, if you stuff something up, you can eat the mistake and move on.

These vehicular morsels were a HUGE hit with adults and children alike at Mitchell’s party. Optimus didn’t need to say a word for these little chocolate Autobots to “Roll Out!”


Who wants one?


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