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Bumblebee Cake (Transformers)

Mitchell wanted a Transformers birthday cake and had a very specific design in mind. A 3D yellow Camaro – ie Bumblebee.

Aieeee-Yah! I thought as I milled over how to make it a reality.

I’m a 2D kinda gal. I like my cakes in 2D and my cartoons in 2D but one does what one has to do when the puppy dog eyes of ones own child look up longingly at you.

I was originally intending to do Mitchell’s cake in fondant. However the humidity and my patience weren’t to have it be. So, I resorted to my old favourite – buttercream – to make a 100% edible cake.

Starting with 3 large slabs of chocolate glued together with chocolate ganache, I started to carve out a car-like shape using a side profile of a Camaro as reference. If you’re going to do this patience is key. Carve off small bits at a time, slowly. Make sure you get your flat or inclined surfaces level from one side of the cake to the other… easier said than done.

Carving up a cake makes one heck of a mess let me tell ya! Make sure you put sheets of plastic down on the work surface and floor below you if you attempt this kind of thing. I’m glad I had the foresight to do so as the crumbs went everywhere but mostly remained contained on the plastic. In the end, a car-like shape emerged that I felt I could work a little buttercream magic with.

Once coated in yellow, the details were the most important part of pulling off the transformation. Bumblebee actually has slightly different detailing depending on which movie version you look at (without even considering the Transformers Prime version), so I asked Mitchell which one he preferred and went with it using various photographs to try and get things in the right place.

Black, silver, white and red all helped bring the car to life. I contemplated putting a buttercream Autobot logo on the car but decided against it knowing how unforgiving buttercream can be when working with fine detail. Instead we placed an Autobot logo on the cake board. We needn’t have worried though. Everyone knew the minute they saw the cake exactly what and who the cake was supposed to be, much to my relief.

The finished product was an absolute hit with Mitchell and his friends. So much so Mitchell has asked for the exact same cake next birthday!

I’m hoping if he is still into Transformers I can convince him to roll out with someone a little easier to create … a lot more rectangular and preferably in red … but I guess only time (and a 4th movie) will tell what his real choice will be in 10 months time.


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