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How do we find the strength to share with others?

How do we take that first step to plunge ourselves into the world of criticism and compliment that waits beyond?

As I sit here finishing the edits for the first 5 chapters of my novel the realisation hits me. I need someone else to read this. I need to find the courage to allow others into the realm of my writing. Much of my novel is at a stage where it needs to be seen by eyes other than mine. In order to progress it needs comments, criticism, reviews… maybe praise.

This scares me.

I don’t expect everyone to like my writing or even my style of writing … but what if everyone hates it? What if the writing is so bad it becomes nothing but a lost cause. Can I handle that failure before I even step into the realms of publishing rejection?

I don’t mind how people criticise me in life, nor even on this blog. And yet, my novel, my story, my characters … I fear the rejection they may receive.

I know I must open that door. The one I’ve kept so tightly locked for so very, very long. I must release the embrace from my baby – my first novel. I must let it take its first steps in the world beyond my imagination; Beyond the confines of my computer. I am an over-protective mother once again.

It takes courage to write.

It takes courage to persevere.

It takes courage to share.

The path to becoming an author is not an easy one…

It takes COURAGE…


Did you ever find a point in the writing process where you feared what lay ahead?


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