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Take a Peak at what’s hovering on The Peak

Hong Kong is heating up as Summer arrives with full force. With it come some interesting changes in the scenery when I go walking… of the creepy crawly kind.

The Peak is a wonderful tourist attraction with some utterly breathtaking views of the city skyline and Kowloon to be had, but did you know there are a few different walking trails up there too?

It is a fabulous place (especially this time of year) to discover some of the fauna and flora of Hong Kong if you’ve got the time. There is often also a nice breeze around the trail that loops along Lugard Road that makes even the 31 degrees heat (more like 40 degrees with humidity added in) bearable.

Ever wondered what would happen if you let your ficus plant out of its pot?

THIS. This is a ficus in its true natural environment free to branch out like an octopus with its abundant root system. They are quite common around Hong Kong however this particular tree you can walk under as it arches over the pathway.

This little guy decided to walk along some of the path with us on the railing. I guess I shouldn’t call him little given he was probably around 5 to 10 cm in length. He was pretty impressive for a stick insect and one of those creatures that are normally REALLY hard to see in the natural environment.

See anything interesting on this tree?

Look closely at the black blobs on the tree trunk… need some help? Let me give you a close up…

Cicadas! These are some of the biggest cicadas I’ve ever seen. This tree and its neighbours were covered in these guys happily “chirping” away in the tropical heat.

Every now and then you realise you’re still in Hong Kong with signs of human habitation…

Believe it or not this trail also has several homes (not apartments) on it.Hate to think about how you’d get home after a late night out in LKF. 😉

As you come around the trail it joins to the Morning Trail – a fabulous walk up from Mid-Levels on a nice spring or autumn morning if you ever have the time. The Morning Trail curves back around towards the tourist area with views over Pok Fu Lam and Aberdeen. Just before you come back to the tourist hub of the Peak though you get to discover this…

The waterfall is a lovely reminder that Hong Kong really isn’t all concrete and finance. It also attracts its own ecosystem of amazingly colourful creatures.

I find a LOT of insects in Hong Kong are blue. Why is that? Regardless, this dragonfly is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. It was resting just out of reach of the splash of water from the waterfall on the rocks.

When walking in Hong Kong, especially in areas of bush, always keep your eyes open to the scenery around you and you are bound to find evidence of the life that even a densely populated heavily built up urban city can’t keep at bay.

How to get there?

The Peak is high up on Hong Kong Island and a major tourist attraction. Buses, private cars and taxis are all able to get you there.

The Peak Tram (a tourist attraction in itself) runs daily. It is a cable car that will take you from Admiralty to the Peak up a steep descent. Be warned it can be exceedingly popular and have heavy queues.

Bus 15 can be caught from Admiralty and Wan Chai and runs regularly. It will take you all the way to the Peak Galleria shopping mall. (Note: you will need either an Octopus card or correct change)

The entry to the “loop” walk is to the left of The Peak Lookout.

Walk past the Peak Tramways Building and off you go…

What interesting critters have you seen on your walks recently in Hong Kong? I’ll be posting a few more I’ve encountered over the coming weeks.


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