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Hanging around with Batman at Times Square Hong Kong

I’m a DC girl. Always have been, always will be.

While Superman is my Number 1, not far behind is the man in black himself – BATMAN!

He’s turning 75 this year and to celebrate a small free display has been erected in Times Square in Causeway Bay. The exhibition showcases a couple of the Batmobiles and the Dark Knight Batbike as well as the evolution of the comics.

Taking centre stage in the main forecourt of Times Square are two of the more iconic Batmobiles. The first is the combat assault vehicle from The Dark Knight (Christian Bale) movies.

This chunky beast would be ideal for taking on taxis, buses and Alphards here in Hong Kong. I WANT ONE!

Behind the Batmobile is The Dark Knight batcycle. Not entirely practical but certainly cool.

Those wheels are PHAT!

On the other side of the forecourt is the iconic Batmobile from the 1989 Batman (Michael Keaton) movie.

I loved that movie but find looking at it now, this Batmobile really does look dated. Having said that I appreciate that in some ways during its time it was paying homage to those vehicles that had come before it, and it still is one cool machine.

I really do love the hubcaps on this batmobile. I know, I know, I’m obsessed with wheels today.

The rest of the outside area has various panels depicting the comics including a giant replica of the first Batman cover.

This panel amused me. Is that really a typo or is the mis-spelling of Gotham intentional? Any Batman experts out there care to comment?

Holy wall climbing Batman! Inside Times Square on level two the dynamic duo from the 1960’s Batman and Robin TV show were scaling the walls between the lifts.

I wonder if those who placed these guys there see the irony in it. I know how I’d rather get up to the 9th floor! Would have been funnier if they’d put a “Kapow” and “Zing” cartoon font on either side of them.

A bizarre image was on the floor of level 2. Apparently if you stand on it in the right place to take a photo you get the optical illusion of being grabbed by one of the villians depicted.It really is a warped image so I’m not entirely sure how well it will work. Let me know if you try it!


The whole area has panels showing various comic covers and logos that have happened for the Batman franchise over the ages. It’s an amusing read to see how much our caped crusader has evolved up till now.

Happy Birthday Batman!

To see the complete set of photos from my visit to the exhibit click here.

How to get there?

This exhibition is running in Times Square, a shopping mall in Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island from the 20th June 2014 to the 20th July 2014.

It is easily accessible from the MTR Island Line via Causeway Bay Station.

Note: If you happen to be going tomorrow or Sunday (21st June & 22nd June) you can pick up a card from the concierge on the 2nd floor. Collect the 3 stamps (one on the 2nd floor, one on the 5th floor and one on the 10th floor) and return it to the concierge and you’ll receive a Batman Colouring book. It will be available ON THOSE DAYS ONLY according to the concierge.

Happy hunting Bat Fans!



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